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Call for a NY state inspection. 

Auto Repair in Jamestown, NY

As locals of Jamestown, NY, we at R & K Motors know how the weather can destroy your automobile. Did a shard of ice crack your windshield? Perhaps your tires went flat? Our auto repair mechanics will get your vehicle up and running to get you where you need to go. Let the experts at R&K Motors of Jamestown, NY help you with your automobile today!

NY State Inspection Jamestown, NY R&K Motors is your complete auto repair center serving customers in Jamestown, NY. For 15 years we have been performing a wide selection of high quality and guaranteed automotive repairs.

Invest in our rust proofing service!

We are a locally owned garage that prides itself on offering good honest service, done right. We are qualified to repair and service all domestic and imported vehicles using quality parts.

We perform routine tune ups and maintenance including rust proofing and control to keep your car running smoothly helping to prevent costly repair later. Proudly Serving the Jamestown, NY and surrounding areas since 1997.

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Our auto mechanics have the experience and skill to handle many different areas of auto repair. Whatever service your car may need rest assured knowing that the highly trained mechanics at R&K Motors will be able to help, we even will provide a NY state inspection. Customer service is a priority for us and our goal is to have you be completely satisfied with your auto repair.

We repair everything here at R & K Motors. Our diagnostics team will inspect every aspect of your car, from the head lights to the tail lights. We can repair your engine, perform a transmission flush, fix the heating and air conditioning, and more. Come in for tune-ups every six months to keep your engine in shape!

Auto Repair Jamestown, NY Receive a NY State Inspection today.

We understand what an inconvenience it is to be without your vehicle for any length of time, so we make sure each job is completed in a timely manner. We’ll save your time, energy, and frustration of trying to handle tough repairs yourself and the money you could be wasting taking your new car back to the dealer for all its maintenance needs.

We pride ourselves on performing the services or repairs on your car right the first time by our highly qualified service technician. So drop your auto, SUV, or truck off today and allow us to provide you with excellent service.  We look forward to meeting you and servicing your vehicle. 

Proudly serving Jamestown, NY.

Rust Proofing Jamestown, NY     Auto Repair Jamestown, NY

Products & Services
  • Auto Electric
  • Auto Computer Diagnostics
  • Air Conditioning
  • Carburetors
  • Alternators
  • Starters
  • Tune-ups
  • Brakes
  • Alignments
  • Engine Repair
  • Transmissions
  • New York State Inspections
  • Auto & Truck Maintenance
  • Oil Changes
  • Basic Parts
  • Exhaust Work
  • ABS
  • Heating Systems

All Types of Service & Repair on Cars-Trucks-Vans & SUV's

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The Benefits:

Higher Resale Value:

Have you ever looked through used vehicle listings? The price for similar vehicles can vary greatly. One of the contributing factors to a vehicle having a higher resale value is the condition of the body. This is where Krown enters the picture. When you treat your vehicle annually with Krown rust protection, it has a tremendous impact on the condition of the vehicle's body. Especially as the vehicle gets older. If you choose to sell your vehicle one day, you can expect its rust-free body to get you the maximum value for sale or trade-in.

Decreased Repair Costs:

Repairing rust damage is expensive. An annual treatment at Krown pays for itself by preventing or reducing the amount of rust damage on your vehicle over its lifespan. By using Krown, rust is unable to rot though your vehicle's important structure and body panels, preventing an expensive repair at the body shop. While protecting the body and structure of your vehicle, the Krown rust protection product is also protecting the electrical system throughout the vehicle. Krown keeps electrical connections from corroding, further lengthening the life of the vehicle, and reducing the common and expensive repairs related to vehicle wiring.

Safer, Better Looking Vehicle:

Today, vehicle safety is at its highest standard in history. Over time, rust can weaken important structural elements, compromising your vehicle's structural integrity and therefore its safety. Krown's technicians are trained to access
important structural areas like frame rails, door pillars, and of course the thousands of spot welds that hold your vehicle together. This thorough application process is necessary to protect your vehicle's safety, and sets
Krown apart from any other rust protection on the market. A sure sign of an aging vehicle is visible rust. Krown's annual rust protection not only helps to maintain vehicle safety, but also helps your vehicle look like new for longer. Whether your vehicle is new or used, a Krown application will keep the body of the vehicle in great shape, giving vehicle owners the flexibility to
keep the vehicle longer or sell it at maximum value.

A Longer Vehicle Life:

The average person will buy 10-12 vehicles in their lifetime. Imagine if you could keep your vehicles longer, and buy half as many vehicles. What would that mean to you financially? It could mean saving tens of thousands of dollars on vehicles purchased and depreciation costs. To put in another way, it could mean your children's college and university tuitions, a better retirement plan, less or no mortgage at all, and many other opportunities. Krown may be protecting vehicles from rust, but the result of a longer lasting vehicle with fewer repairs stretches beyond the one hour a year our customers spend at their local Krown getting their annual rust protection. If you are a Krown customer, this is not news to you. If you haven't tried Krown's annual rust protection program, call today to book an appointment at a Krown centre near you, and start putting your hard earned money to better use.




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